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We are a premium & state of the art training center in Information  security. Our primary focus is on assimilating the current marketing requirements and are committed in moulding and deploying students in accordance to these requirements into the stream.

Keeping the track of trends in the data field ,we strongly feel that  we should adapt these changes  and should reflect those when we train students, so we are into the latest technologies and trends in information security fields. Our training programmes are in line with latest trends where the students have an exposure to the real world working environment. We emphasize more on hands- on , rather than traditional black and white training methods.

We have trainers who are pioneers in the field, so our students are guided with real time environment and can gain practical know- how, how they could handle the problems in an operations environment.

We are committed to the overall growth of the students and also provide our students with the chance of getting certified as a part of the curriculum. We provide the students with suitable job opportunities once they complete the course and prove that they are capable by successfully completing our evaluations.

To ensure that the students are in line with the real  world requirement , we train them in an environment where we enable the students to be  proficient from  intermediate to expert level in required domains.

Pentester/Ethical Hacking

This course is meant to mould those who are interested in being in charge of securing an organization’s network and to protect it from outsiders who are capable of intruding into the network. The course is designed to make the students into technology wizards or experts who will discover the vulnerabilities that may be exploited or misused by putting the data in threat. This course will expose the students to the entire spectrum of networking systems and applications and will help them to overcome the challenges that any organisation can come up against.

Our course will guide the students to have hands on experience in a real time environment, where they have a free access to encounter the real time problems and to resolve it by applying with the knowledge they have acquired.

The courses included in the programme are training sessions, real time practical sessions and internship with which Encyb will make sure that the students will be equivalent to an experienced personal ,once their training is over.


Security Analyst

Across the world the instances of data breachs are increasing every day and so is the requirement for the advisories who have the capability to effectively detect and respond to the breaches . Today, majority of the organisaations are dependent on third party notifications , which are often caught by surprise during a security breach.

Encyb students will be trained on design, deployment and operations of Security Operations Center (SOC) on real time basis with the latest technologies as part of the curriculum. This allows the students to test the security policies , process, procedures and evaluate the effectiveness through the common monitoring and analytical platform in the SOC . Once the training is completed ,students are capable of facing real scenarios and will ensure and enable them to resolve real time problems .

The courses included in the programme are training sessions, introduction and acquaintance of SOC , functional responsibilities , monitoring and analysis of threats , reporting etc.

Our courses are delivered by experts who have hands on experience in the market and are aware of the real time approach to any occurrences.

Compliance And Audit

Most organisations are ignorant on many of the daily activities regarding their IT network’s security, which needs care and attention. These lapses comes into lime light only when a security incident arises , which puts the organization into risk.

Our course focuses on developing the students to pay to minute details which matters to the security of the organisation’s data. The course helps the students in building an awareness regarding the requirements with respect to the policies and compliance, which helps the entire organization, both from the management’s perspective and from the user’s perspective, to be secure.

We also provide awareness and training for the students in compliance frameworks which are globally accepted to improve the performance of business and sustainability.

This course is based on different policies and frameworks which enables professionals to open careers in the area of consulting on a different compliance requirement( ISO 27001,PCI DSS HIPAA) on cyber security aspects.


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