Security Testing



Application Security

Secure Your Web Application

In Application Security Audit, we provide security assessment for your website, web services and mobile application. We analyze your application for any weaknesses, technical flaws, or vulnerabilities, evaluate the security of your application by simulating various application attacks and provide audit report which includes key findings, related issues and a recommendation checklist to help enhance the security of your applications.


We at Encyb offer Top-Of-The-Line Application Security Testing Services that provide all-round assurance that the customer’s business applications are safe against all the known vulnerabilities. Through periodic, detailed, independent third-party review of the application security posture, Customers are made aware of and assured about the current pertinent risks that the organization faces.

Our approach towards conducting a comprehensive Application Security Assessment is designed to identify and assess threats in all kinds of applications which may be developed in various modes (whether custom in-house developed, vendor developed, commercial off- the-shelf applications, cloud based SAAS apps, etc.). To assist our customers, we perform assessments on a wide range of business applications:

Web Application Security testing
Thick Client Application Security Testing
Mobile Application Security testing
Web Services API's Security testing

Network Security

Secure Your IT Network

In Network Security Audit, we do the detailed review of your organization’s Network Architecture, Security Policy and its implementation, related to the networking devices, software installed and users. We provide an audit report which includes key findings, related issues and a recommendation checklist to help enhance the security of your network.


Internal and External Network PT

A focussed attacker investing enough time and effort, will find weaknesses in your network and exploit it to break-in and cause loss/damage to the organization.

Conducting an Internal & External Network Penetration Testing (PT) is a proactive mechanism to identify vulnerabilities in the multi-technology environments that most businesses operate these days. It helps organizations to get an assurance on how resilient their IT infrastructure is against today’s advanced attacks launched by attackers. The time and effort spent in proactively identifying vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them, provides a significant Return on Investment (ROI) to the organization’s investments in this direction. PT tests reveal a hacker’s view of the network and help organizations to understand their security preparedness against evolving threats.

Our network PT exercise closely simulates the tools, techniques and processes (TTP’s) adopted by attackers against target networks. This service offering from ENCYB assists organizations to identify pertinent vulnerabilities and corresponding business risks in their IT infrastructure (internal & external). Our highly adept PT team also helps customers with practical recommendations to resolve identified vulnerabilities and to continually raise the level of protection using effective security deployments. Depending on the requirements of the organization we can conduct either an intrusive or a non-intrusive penetration test. Our penetration testing methodology is well aligned with established global standards and practices and benefits from the extensive experience of conducting such assignments for large number of customers by our PT Team.

Other Solutions

Managed Security

Let our experts handle your security so you can focus on your business with confidence.

Identity & Data Governance

Take control of your data and protect it against breaches with our exemplary solutions.

Cloud Security

Secure your cloud environment and enable safe, scalable growth for your business.

Stay ahead of cyber threats and safeguard your digital assets

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