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Digital risk monitoring(Brand protection- Dark web/ Deep Web)

Digital Shadows, a cybersecurity leader, specializes in safeguarding organizations from digital risks. Their platform monitors the deep and dark web and other online channels, providing actionable threat intelligence to prevent cyber threats, data breaches, and reputation harm. They offer solutions like threat intelligence, data leakage detection, and dark web monitoring, helping businesses protect their digital presence worldwide. 

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Digital Shadows

Why our clients choose Encyb for Digital Shadow Implementation & Management 

Why our clients choose Encyb for Datadog Implementation & Management

Customization and Scalability

Tailors solutions to fit specific client needs, has experience working with large enterprises.


Premium pricing reflects comprehensive service offerings and expertise.

Reputation and Track Record

5+ years record as Cyber security provider in different regions, serving Government & Enterprise business entities

Expertise and Specialization

10+ Experienced professional

Resource Availability

24 X 7 availability (Around the Clock)

Client References

500+ Satisfied customers in different business domains across the region.

Transparency and Reporting

Provides regular, detailed reports on vulnerabilities, threats, and mitigation efforts.

A modern approach to vendor service

Digital Shadows SearchLight empowers organizations to monitor and mitigate online threats across various digital channels, safeguarding security and brand integrity

Implementation & Integration

Implementation & Integration

Implementing Digital Shadows SearchLight begins with an initial assessment and tailored deployment for seamless integration. User training enhances monitoring and risk mitigation. Regular updates and integration with other security solutions bolster the organization’s overall digital risk protection. 



Encyb guides clients through risk assessment, tailored solutions, compliance, tech recommendations, user education, monitoring, audits, and more. Their services encompass incident response planning, vendor risk management, and keeping clients informed on threats and regulations. 

Assessments and Workshops

Assessments and Workshops

Assessments and workshops with Digital Shadows SearchLight are crucial for a robust digital risk protection strategy. Assessments analyze an organization’s digital footprint and security needs, tailoring SearchLight for unique risk landscapes. Workshops empower users with hands-on platform expertise, enhancing threat intelligence interpretation for proactive risk management and asset protection. 

Vendor Solutions

SearchLight for Ransomware

This specialized solution focuses on identifying and mitigating ransomware threats, providing organizations with early warning and intelligence to defend against attacks. 

SearchLight for Threat Intelligence

This product provides tailored threat intelligence feeds to help organizations stay updated on relevant threats and vulnerabilities that may affect their industry or sector. 

SearchLight for Third-Party Risk Management

It helps organizations manage risks associated with third-party vendors and partners by monitoring their digital presence and identifying potential security issues. 

What's next

What’s next?

To get started, ask your local EnCyb representative about our Security information and event management offerings to determine where EnCyb and Data shadow can help you strengthen and optimize your SOC program.

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