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DLP (Data loss prevention)

Digital Guardian is a leading cybersecurity company, focusing on data protection. Their platform safeguards sensitive data, offering comprehensive control and visibility across devices, networks, and the cloud. Using advanced threat detection and response, they help ensure real-time risk mitigation. Trusted by enterprises worldwide, Digital Guardian plays a vital role in securing sensitive information in today’s digital landscape. 

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Digital Guardian

Why our clients choose Encyb for Digital Guardian Implementation & Management?

Why our clients choose Encyb for Datadog Implementation & Management

Customization and Scalability

Tailors solutions to fit specific client needs, has experience working with large enterprises.


Premium pricing reflects comprehensive service offerings and expertise.

Reputation and Track Record

5+ years record as Cyber security provider in different regions, serving Government & Enterprise business entities

Expertise and Specialization

10+ Experienced professional

Resource Availability

24 X 7 availability (Around the Clock)

Client References

500+ Satisfied customers in different business domains across the region.

Transparency and Reporting

Provides regular, detailed reports on vulnerabilities, threats, and mitigation efforts.

A modern approach to vendor service

Digital Guardian DLP is a potent cybersecurity solution, protecting sensitive data across endpoints, networks, and the cloud with data control, encryption, and user activity monitoring. Trusted by global enterprises, it’s a critical defense against data breaches and ensures compliance with data protection regulations.

Implementation & Integration

Implementation & Integration

Implementing Digital Guardian DLP begins with a thorough data assessment, followed by platform deployment and configuration to align with security policies. User training enhances effective usage. Ongoing monitoring, updates, and integration with other security tools ensure robust data protection, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access. 



Encyb supports clients by assessing risks, tailoring solutions, offering compliance guidance, suggesting technologies, educating users, and conducting audits. They provide incident response planning, vendor risk management, and keep clients updated on threats and regulations, ensuring robust security and compliance. 

Assessments and Workshops

Assessments and Workshops

Guardian DLP is a core element of robust data protection. Assessment analyzes an organization’s data, identifying vulnerabilities and critical assets. Customization tailors Digital Guardian DLP to specific security needs. Workshops empower users with hands-on training, ensuring teams can effectively protect sensitive information, reducing unauthorized access risk. 

Vendor Solutions

Data Discovery and Classification

Scans and identifies sensitive data across the network and endpoints.

Data Classification and File Inspection

Classifies and labels sensitive data, and enforces policies based on content and context.

Cloud Data Protection

Extends DLP capabilities to cloud environments, ensuring data security in cloud applications and services.

What's next

What’s next?

To get started, ask your local EnCyb representative about our Security information and event management offerings to determine where EnCyb and Digital Guardian can help you strengthen and optimize your SOC program. 

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