SIEM (Security information and event management)

Datadog is a top cloud monitoring platform offering real-time insights into digital infrastructure. It aggregates data from servers, databases, and more, ensuring optimal performance and security. Customizable alerts, analytics, and integrations make it a powerful tool for improving digital operations and customer experience.

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Why our clients choose Encyb for Datadog Implementation & Management

Why our clients choose Encyb for Datadog Implementation & Management

Customization and Scalability

Tailors solutions to fit specific client needs, has experience working with large enterprises.


Premium pricing reflects comprehensive service offerings and expertise.

Reputation and Track Record

5+ years record as Cyber security provider in different regions, serving Government & Enterprise business entities

Expertise and Specialization

10+ Experienced professional

Resource Availability

24 X 7 availability (Around the Clock)

Client References

500+ Satisfied customers in different business domains across the region.

Transparency and Reporting

Provides regular, detailed reports on vulnerabilities, threats, and mitigation efforts.

A modern approach to vendor service

Datadog’s SIEM solution enhances security operations by offering comprehensive visibility, real-time threat detection through advanced analytics, and seamless integration with existing tools. Customizable dashboards and reporting enable quick threat mitigation, strengthening overall cybersecurity defenses for organizations.

Implementation & Integration

Implementation & Integration

Implementing Datadog’s SIEM starts with assessment and configuration for policy alignment. Integration, customization, training, and monitoring enhance security. Regular evaluation, documentation, and patch updates maintain effectiveness. This empowers proactive security incident detection and response, strengthening overall cybersecurity defenses.



Encyb can advise / help clients by assessing risks, tailoring solutions, offering compliance guidance, suggesting technologies, educating users, monitoring, conducting audits, and more. They also provide incident response planning, vendor risk management, and keep clients informed about threats and regulations.

Assessments and Workshops

Assessments and Workshops

Datadog’s process involves assessing an organization’s infrastructure and customizing solutions to meet specific needs. Interactive workshops empower teams with platform knowledge, covering topics like alerts and data interpretation. This combination enhances operational efficiency and performance by preparing teams to effectively use Datadog’s capabilities.

Vendor Solutions

Infrastructure Monitoring

Provides visibility into the performance and health of cloud-based and on-premises infrastructure.

Network Performance Monitoring (NPM)

Monitors network traffic to ensure optimal performance and identify performance bottlenecks.

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

Provides insights into the digital experience of customers interacting with web applications.

What's next

What’s next?

To get started, ask your local EnCyb representative about our Security information and event management offerings to determine where EnCyb and DATADOG can help you strengthen and optimize your SOC program.

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