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Cloud Security Services

Use of cloud services is resulting in immense opportunities for businesses to accelerate and grow. Though cloud services offer a significant set of advantages, they expose organizations to security risks. Adequate cloud security controls must be in place to mitigate such risks. Organizations should be aware of the risks and vulnerabilities they face while migrating their data or applications to the cloud. A holistic and comprehensive approach to cloud risk management is needed, this includes establishing the cloud security strategy, defining roadmaps, and developing policies and procedures.


Cloud risk services can help you to:

  • Identify unforeseen risks due to the complex and changing nature of cloud services, API, access management, and emerging technologies.
  • Overcome lack of clarity in defining cloud security strategy.
  • Apply risk assessment methodology to gauge risk levels.

Our approach to cloud risk management can help minimize exposure to threats, enhance efficiencies, improve cloud usage, and scalability to drive business growth.

Key benefits of our cloud risk services:


Pragmatic and scalable cloud risk management programs customized to suit your business context.


Adoption of a consistent approach to identify, manage, and treat information security risks.


Capable of viewing risk and applicability at different organization levels and conduct cloud risk assessments at scale.


Proven market leader in automating risk management program using GRC technology solution implementations.

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